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The Pune Male Escort blogsite is only for women to call and add up on BBM and also call for special services. I make a request to guys to not call as this site is dedicated only to women of all ages and caste.


They say “SEX sells” and its true in the world. Any movie that comes out and has some steamy scenes or some bold pictures of women exposing, the movie works – Latest example is “Dirty Picture”. What is not true is the offerings that i am giving to the women in pune.

What i offer them is not sex but its more like a fantasy and to accomplish their dreams and their desires. Being in the escort business i have learned to understand women and how to make them feel comfortable and fulfill their thoughts. They say women get turned on with their mind and not their sexual instinct, yes there some who go that way. But here i am talking about housewife’s and corporate women bosses whose desires are different as they have been bottled up for many years.

If housewife’s want to dominate me, i am fine with that as they lead a very dominated and trapped life, if women want me to enact their desires i can do that as well. I dont mind being their slave too. If women in pune are feeling shy and closeted then now is the time to call me and meet me, you can do so when your husband is not in the house and you have 2 hours to use.

If you dont like my services and dont like me in general, you dont have to pay me and if your not happy with my services, you dont have to pay me as well. If you wish to know more, then call me on 9823552708 or BBM me 22F039D3 and i will be there for you.

People always tend to believe that having an escort is a bad thing or even going to one is bad. But don’t they realize is that when they have a one night stand or just plain sex with a stranger, that too is taboo and not accepted by society. Sometimes it is best to do what your heart and what your sex drive says. There are so many women who are not satisfied by their husbands and going to a male escort and having your fantasies completed by somebody else is not that bad.

Male Escort is not like prostitution but it is more than that, it is a fantasy, a need, a desire that needs to be taken care of. When you come to me, i am not going to treat you like your spouse does but i will make you feel like a true women should be felt, to be taken care of nurtured and respected and made love to like they want it.

Love making is an art a passion that needs to grow within, for many house wife’s its like a routine with their spouse every week and thats the end of it all. But thats not the case with me as i would make sensous love to you and make you feel special like you wanted to be felt with flowers music and steamy love.

If any women in pune feels that they would be interested in me and would like to take it further, please contact me on 9823552708 or you can even contact me on blackberry – 21FDCE83. I would love to hear from you and trust me i will make it worthwhile and you dont have to be SHY or SCARED

If you are a mid housewife and have lived the same old life for the past 10-20 years then here is a good time to be yourself and fulfill all your fantasies and do what you want to do. If you want to be dominated or you wish to dominate then i recommend you talk to me and meet me in person. Even if you have two (2) hours to spare from your daily life, you can call me and we can have a phone conversation as well.

Here below are some of the reasons why women prefer younger men

1.  Younger men are Teachable, older women are natural teachers, and yes I am talking mostly about sex.

2. Younger men don’t have all those Walls Up from having been betrayed (by their own perception if nothing else)

3.  Younger men are not so loaded down with all this baggage, at least not as much as older men are. And I am not talking about children.  Children are cool.

4.  Younger men as much more attentive to the sexual desires, preferences, needs and wants of their partner.

5.  Younger men are much more open minded.

6.  Younger men are not so arrogant

7.  Younger men are much more Fearless

So if you are in your late thirties or even better in your 40’s and you wish to have your fantasy fulfilled in 2 hours or less, call me on 9823552708 or BBM on 21FDCE83


I welcome you all to my blog, I dont want my identity to be revealed as of now and i want it to be a mystery to all women. I am born and brought up in Pune and i am providing male escort services to all women in pune starting from the age group of 18 to 50. I have recently started these service offerings for all women and i am fine by providing escorts to women at their homes and hotels in and around Pune.

I am young and have a great physique and a very strong libido to pleasure any women and dont mind any place to have a good time. I make all your fantasies come true and be anyone you want me to be starting from a policeman to any dark fantasy you want to have with me.

I am one of the first male escorts in pune and wish to reach out to as many corporate and home makers out there who seek some male escorts and provide them with a good time. I am clean and safe and always use protection and can do many tricks to please a woman.

I also want to emphasize and mention that all your identities will be 100% safe and secure and no one will be aware of your contract with me and no information would be used against you.

If you wish to get in touch me, you can contact me on 9823552708 or BBM me 21FDCE83. If you wish to see some photos or want to call me, please feel free to do so and i will spend time talking to you and getting to know you better. Also do let me know you found this information from my blog.

I look forward to meeting very interesting women in pune who seek companionship and some fun at the same time.